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For the first and most important half of the induction stroke the intake valve is opened farther by a cam with a tight LCA than one with a wide LCA.This produces a greater flow area as the piston starts to pull in a fresh charge.Changing LCAs has a different but equally significant effect on the power curve.

We know this because of our cam help hot line (800/999-0853), which answers as many as 2500 technical calls a day.Tight LCAs produce earlier intake closure after BDC.Most of us are aware that extending cam duration moves the usable rpm range up.I put this idea to performance consultant and technical writer David Vizard.

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In recent years he has personally tested over 600 cam combinations on his own dyno, and designed some potent race-winning, best-selling cams as a result of his work.TDC THROUGH-FLOWBecause of its significance we will deal first with that very important race engine event, the overlap period.By tightening the LCA, the amount of valve overlap for a given duration is increased.Tightening the LCA produces more valve overlap around TDC, while wider equates to less.