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26-May-2018 16:56

Since, in the preferred construction of the above-mentioned picker rolls, I prefer to sleeve several sleeves 20 onto the driving and supporting drum or shaft and since for that purpose I provide the peripheral ends of the sleeves with cut-outs 20a and 20b, preferably each of 180* extent and displaced from each other by 180° so that successive sleeves interfit and interlock at their adjacent ends, I prefer to utilize such stepped or cut-out ends of the sleeve for fixing its position relative to the threaded part 40 and hence, intermediate of the parts 39 and 40 I may provide an annular shoulder 41 presenting at its right-hand end, as viewed in Figure 1 a step or cut-out of 180° extent with which the left-hand end of sleeve 20 interfits and thus holds the sleeve 20 against rotation relative to the mandrel 39, as is clear from Figures 1 and 2, and onto the end of mandrel 39 I may slip a collar 42 temporarily anchored as by a set screw 43 to hold the sleeve against axial movement out of interlocking relation with the shoulder 41.By loosening up the hand nut 33, the standard 28 may be slipped off toward the right, leaving the shaft 36 supported as a cantilever from the standard 27, whence, after loosening the collar 42, the collar and the sleeve 20 may be slipped off the mandrel 39 and right-hand end of shaft 36, to be replaced by another, by a reverse sequence of steps, it being noted that the base is suitably shaped as at 44 to form a seat for the standard 28 and thereby fix the position to which it is returned.The pins are preferably of metal, such as steel, and where projecting ends are pointed the shanks may be plain or may have a multiple thread of large pitch thereon gso as to cut their own thread when forced into the support.

Another object is to provide, in such an apparatus, a dependable control for halting the hole-forming operation at the completion of the pattern and to continue the pin-assembling operation until the holes corresponding to the space differential above mentioned have had pins assembled thereto.Another object is to provide an apparatus of the above-mentioned character that will be of improved and compact construction, of efficient action, and well adapted to meet the varying conditions of hard practical use.Another object is in general to provide improved apparatus capable of highly efficient functioning in the art to which it pertains.In such actions, the heavier or undesired particles or materials are caused to exert centrifugal forces sufficient to discharge them tangentially away from the lighter or desired fur fibres, the latter being moved- in the desired direction by air currents produced by the projecting picker pins of the high speed picker roll.