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For the blue migration route I am told that my ancestors came from around Croatia prior to 211 AD.

They then moved to Ireland at some point before 211 AD and moved to England between 211 AD and 1950 AD.

I wrote about the GPS Origins test from DNA Diagnostics Center back in August this year when the test was first launched.

There was recently a special offer via Geneabloggers to upload your raw data and receive an interpretation for , a big saving on the usual transfer price of .

I have also a Chinese maternal grandmother, so her contribution is 2/8.

Other ancestors are Thai and Laotian ethnics from Thailand.

I thought I would it give it a try out of curiosity.

As a comparison three other people with different ancestries have also shared their reports with me and given permission for me to use them on this blog.

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You can see my full admixture results from all three companies here.Ann has also tested at 23and Me (v2 and V4), Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA.Here are her 23and Me results at the speculative setting: At Ancestry DNA Ann's results are: Europe 98% and West Asia 1%.Europe is broken down as follows: Scandinavia 50%, Europe West 15%, Iberian Peninsula 12%, Ireland 12%, Great Britain 6%, trace regions 3%.