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Alongside Numbuh 5, and Numbuh 6.1, he is considered the only one with common sense on his team.

", when he was sent Rainbow Monkey Island to retrieve a stone tablet with a secret code on it.

Nigel's POVI pulled Rachel into an empty classroom.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me tomorrow night?

A Numbuh 2 Hogarth is a 2x4 Technology Expert In Sector V. If he gets mad enough he can get an Anger Suit like Father.

He is a vital member of the team who is skilled in a lot of things.

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The creator, writer, and director of the Cartoon Network original series, Tom Warburton says about the upcoming live-action film and says that he's agreed to do it and he teams up with Night at the Museum director, Shawn Levy. Warburton says that he's got the actors to play as the Kids Next Door, he's got Daniel Radcliffe as Numbuh 1 wno is a British leader, Leonardo Di Caprio as Numbuh 2 who is interested in airplanes and fixing cars, former General Hospital actress Minae Noji as Numbuh 3 who is a fan of Rainbow Monkeys, Liam Hemsworth as Numbuh 4 and the make-up artists dye his hair blonde to look like him from the cartoon series, Gabrielle Union as Numbuh 5 with French descent who rarely overreacts in their missions, Emma Watson as Numbuh 86 and the make-up artists dye her hair red to look like her from the cartoon series and Dakota Fanning as Numbuh 362 as the supreme leader of the Kids Next Door Organization who is married to Nigel Uno. Warburton not only has the Kids Next Door operatives, he's also got the villains like Father played by James Franco who played Franco on the ABC Daytime soap opera, General Hospital and they start putting him in a shadow when he wears a suit of shadows, Russian actor Aleksander Domogarov as Ivan Volkov, Hendaque Kalejaiye played by Halle Berry who played Storm from the X-Men trilogy, Tuomas Kytömäki as Antti Ahonen, and Daniel Bernhardt as Ludwig Schuster. They also talk about the 2x4 technology from the cartoon series made for the live-action film for the actors to use.

Abby's POVAfter the kiss with hoagie, I felt more secure with him.