Accommodating religious practices in the workplace

03-Jan-2018 13:29

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Many Muslims also believe that even touching pork violates this tenet of Islam, the accommodation of which was recently tested in , in which the EEOC alleged that in order to be referred for work at meat processing facilities applicants were required to sign a form stating that they would not refuse to handle pork in the course of their jobs. He objected to the transfer, but didn’t tell management that his reluctance to work on the pork production line was based on his religious beliefs. In a consent decree, the employment agency agreed no longer to use the pork form. After he was terminated he sued for religious discrimination under Title VII, as-serting that the company had a duty to accommodate his religious objections to handling pork.

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These religious practices or observances may at times conflict with an employer’s otherwise neutral requirements such as work schedules or dress codes.

Accommodations can include, but are not limited to, dress and appearance policy exemptions, schedule changes, voluntary shift trades, temporary accommodations, or transfers.