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As the fellowship increased in numbers it moved to meeting on Sunday mornings in a hotel conference room, then to a Seventh Day Adventist church.Lewis Mc Dorman, a South Central Conference regional minister living in Austin at the time assisted the group in becoming more organized and helped Austin Mennonite Church (AMC) become established as an organization with bylaws and five year goals.Whether it is serving at the homeless shelter, learning about racial justice or immigration issues in a Sunday School class, serving at the community Thanksgiving meal, or helping a community family on our community service day, we strive to be a people who offers hope, shares the love of Jesus and seeks God’s shalom in our community and our world.Austin Mennonite Church is an urban Mennonite congregation in the capital city of Texas.We are a church that families “come home” to every Christmas.These families, as well as community folks, fill our sanctuary and balcony with 470 or more people for the Christmas Eve service every year.Music has a high value in our worship and we are blessed with a number of quality musicians, including four organists/pianists, several trumpet players, acoustic guitarists, and other musicians, a chancel choir and a preschool and elementary age choir.Over the years our church has emphasized service as an act of following Christ.

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The year 1640 is the date of the first lease to this congregation in West Prussia.The church began during the wave of Anabaptism sweeping across Europe, and identified with the tenets of faith as written by Menno Simons.Each migration was made as a means to preserve their freedom of worship, exemption from military service, and freedom to establish their own economic way of life.Faith in God and their way of life held them together.

Today, Alexanderwohl is probably known by the wider community and beyond as the “big white church on the highway.” Because of its well-kept records and long history, people from all over the world come to visit and/or to trace their ancestry.Austin Mennonite Church purchased its own facility on two acres at 5801 Westminster Drive, Austin, Texas 78723 in 2000.The facility was previously owned by the Trinity Presbyterian Church which had built the facility in 1960.Over its thirty-three year history AMC initiated and supported a Mennonite Voluntary Service unit for two years and has supported other short-term service volunteers.