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He was an android in a Dr Who series, and the magical sage Arnold of Todi in the BBC Television version of Masefield's Box of Delights (1984).

A private man who spent much of his time in his pyjamas, Locke died on April 19; he is survived by his companion Michael Ivan.

This epic win for the lurkers of the Internet (not to be confused with the NORP infested tubes of the Internet) came after an entirely TL; DR harblfest from 2006 to 2008 and dubbed Survivor: Murka, a reality TV election contest where he outwitted, outpwnt and outlived the rivals from both his own Democratic party, the GOP and a on You Tube who claimed he sold Obama crack and gave him a hummer in the back of a Hummer.As of Last Thursday, El Presidente owned the body of every American Citizen, fulfilling his manifest destiny of being King of Pimps and Lord of Lords. Obama worked a second job as a stripper in order to pay off the national debt, even though it's only 8 dollars.If you disagree with even the slightest thing he does, even if El Dumbo did it as well, you're obviously a racist. Bush a session of hardcore buttfuck fun due the fact that if people learned how congress worked, and stopped blaming Bush for everything, the country would never have elected an unknown Indonesian-Muslim nigger whose greatest contributions was picking cotton and secretly keeping his gay sex (p.s.Quality: 480p|720p|1080p Full HD Police officer Jimmy Perez returned home to the Shetland Islands after the tragedy that happened in his life – he lost his beloved wife.

It was at this time on the Islands are archaeological excavations, where human remains were found, it is not clear who owns these remains – the ancient man or they are quite fresh. What does this have to do with the feud between two kindred families? Philip Locke was born on March 29 1928 at St Marylebone, London, and educated at St Marylebone Central School.After training at Rada, he made his professional debut with Oldham Rep in 1954 as Feste in Twelfth Night, before touring with the Old Vic as Flute in A Midsummer Night's Dream.Simultaneously with these events find killed an elderly woman. A police officer is taken to unwind the tangle of mysterious events, and that the thread leads him to the events of the Second world war.