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21-Jun-2018 10:06

Things kick off with Zoey sucking Damon off while the other three girls practice shaking their asses.When Damon is ready to explode, he aims his stiffie over the edge to shower the girls with his load.After enjoying some mutual masturbation on the hood of the car, Jenna and Tiffany pick up Alix along the way, making the already-horny duo a lesbian threesome.Sydney Cole, Zoey Laine, Anya Olsen & Tiffany Watson Sydney, Zoey, Anya, and Tiffany make a pit stop and take turns sucking and fucking Damon.

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Zoey even plays around with a vibrator to see how her man likes it!

Zoey’s landing strip twat is filled up with Damon’s dick as the two keep on fucking even with their audience.

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The car is pretty sexy and so are the two girls making out on top of it, as evidenced by the way Tiffany peels off Jenna's clothes and then drops to her knees to give Jenna's landing strip fuck hole a tongue ride.

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