Are capricorn guys bold and shy

04-Nov-2018 04:48

They are wise enough to know that the best partners are caring and are willing to risk overdoing it with weekly surprise cupcakes rather than not make it known that you matter a Libra: Libra is bold enough to initiate plans with you, but once you actually hang out one-on-one, you'll notice that they're a little ... You know them as opinionated and hilarious in large group settings, but in date mode, they are terrified of overstepping their bounds.

It'll take a first move from you and a few more hangouts for them to be the rambunctious gem you know they are.

Cancer: Cancer crushes will actively avoid hanging out with you because you make them so stuttery that they may as well have a crab clutching their tongue.

They are definitely the people who like you from a safe distance until Leo: Leos are drawn to success, and because your ambition is both sexy and scary to them, their way of attracting you is, well, showing off a little.

Pisces: Compliments can go a long way, or in Pisces's case, they can be so frequent and enthusiastically delivered that even you start to get a little annoyed.

We all have certain physical traits that we notice first in a guy.

Through strategically planned Snapchats and carefully curated group pics, Leo feels like they need to prove to you that they would be the perfect equal half to your power couple.

Virgo: If you so much as cough, Virgo will already be Googling nearby soup places and offering to grab you two different forms of Day Quil.

Girls with big, bold curls like a lion’s mane tend to have very bold and strong personalities, while a girl who ties her hair back in a low ponytail every day might be a little more laid back and low maintenance, guess what an Aries guy wants? As long as they actually have the skills and personality to back it up, there’s nothing wrong with having some serious confidence, and that’s what Leo guys always try to bring to the table.

Nothing wrong with that if you’ve got game, use it to your advantage!