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30-Aug-2018 21:17

Please, if you wear a shtreimel do not be a "Chazar with a shtreimel" as the expression goes. What that father said may be true rather than anti semitism ( baseless). Elliot, I am so glad for you that you were able to gather strength and 'take the leap of faith', and break up with Jen. I suppose that this girl thought it was a compliment, I don't usually like Jews, but you're all right.

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We finally arrived at the house, Jen and Jack laughing and hugging over a fun night while my mind reeled. I tossed and turned all night, mulling over my future and contemplating the difficult choices laid out in front of me.

I showed up at her apartment and asked to speak with her in her room, away from her roommate. That repressed inner personality burst forth like a river through a crack in a dam. She told me that she was interested in taking conversion classes.