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10-Mar-2018 01:15

and soon discovered a keen audience of young men wanting to bed her. THE number of divorces was highest last year among men and women aged 45 to 49.So, for all those who can remember actually dialling a phone number, where’s best to find love?One bio I remember read: “Not interested in ONS.” He was 65 and not a sleek, fit, smart 65 either.He’d be lucky to get a one-night stand with his own species.This is why what is sexy must shift to include the older demographic. Then they can swipe left or right on profiles, left for “I feel sorry for you” or right which means, “How fast can you get here?” My friends don’t swipe right unless the chap’s photos are perfect. Oddly, a recent survey by The App Developers, an app agency, discovered that men are five times more likely to download a dating app than women.

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I stopped in the street to unmatch him only to have my phone stolen by a thief on a moped. Even more amazing was that friends told me they’d found really nice men on sites with absolutely the worst names. In accomplishments, many of us are the man we hoped to marry. According to Dr Wright: “People don’t like to think that older people have sex, but we need to challenge this conception at a societal level.” A study by Trinity College Dublin showed that nearly 60 per cent of over 50s are having regular sex, some more than twice a week. There is also anecdotal evidence, according to therapist and author of the book Couples Therapy, Barbara Bloomfield, that sex lives of those in their 40s and 50s are actually better than younger years. This scientific encouragement should be enough to shove confident women towards apps like Bumble which have someone for everyone.

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On the app, I toyed with my profile bio to make it accurate yet funny for their age group.

At first I wrote: “Your mum told me to swipe right.” The millennials got the joke.

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