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Most of them are into agriculture, daily labor, weaving cloths and fishermen.Through these occupations they earn a little money to feed their family.As, they are illiterates they do not have knowledge and have huge families where they can not meet their daily needs.Due to their inability to provide their children with good education, they send them as Child labor to support the family.Do you have a pastors and men's ministry leadership training curriculum for your WEAPONS Curriculum? The teaching of biblical responsibilities of Men is something that has been of short supply in the western church. I seem that men discipleship and church going have become a global assignment and challenges to the kingdom works today. Blessings, my name is Johnnie Gonzalez and I am the Men's Ministry leader.Something that will train them how to have an engaging ministry to men and how to use your resource? I look forward in learning more about your ministry. S.curriculm Hello and blessings, My name is Jacob Burkett and I am the men's ministry director of my church; New Covenant Assembly of God. That I am calling on your ministries to come and conducted seminars for the church of Liberia let me know when you will be available in this year sir.thank you ad I anticipated hearing from you brethren. I am reaching out to you as a representative of Living by Grace Fellowship on behalf of Pastor Barry Vasquez.

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I started a men's fellowship a couple of year ago. Men, whether young or old, need other men to point them to Biblical manhood, exemplified in our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm looking for a program to initiate with the men of our congregation.Finally the child looses their right of education, freedom and childhood.These beautiful children became addicted to alcohol, drugs, child trafficking, burglary, thefts etc…..The place where we are residing is inhabited by people possessed by demons and many sick with dreadful diseases.

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So I urge you in Lord that you along with your mighty team of worriers of prayer and gifts of healing would help bring my people out of these demonic clutches.

Best, Lena Alston Digital Marketing Manager (877)-228-1545 Smarter Tactics Digital Marketing | Ad Words Management | Content & Social | Influencer Marketing Scott Caesar Our Founder's Men’s Discipleship Network. Farmingdale, NY 11735 “G o into the entire world and preach the Gospel to all the Creation“ (Mark: 16-15 Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. My village is located on the coasts of Bay of Bengal. Most of the people here are not educated, strong Hindus and are bonded by Indian traditions and are very firm idol worshipers.