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20-Mar-2018 01:07

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Various forms of social behavior also seem to undergo changes in standards, or acceptable norms.

Strictly observed "courtship" of the past which was guided by parental rules and guidelines seems "old-fashioned" to today's youth who often choose serial dating, unfettered petting, and brazen fornication.

Physicians and nurses who would have been arrested and incarcerated forty years ago for the same procedure, are now enriching themselves through socially acceptable abortion of preborn children.

Divorce, which was unheard of among believers 50 years ago, or at least was discussed in hushed tones, is now becoming prevalent in our circles.

The punk rocker of this generation would laugh hysterically at the attire of the "flapper" of the roaring twenties.

The "evangelical" believer of today may look on the dress of the pre-World War II believers with a condescending amusement, and conclude they were unnecessarily austere.

Picture the sports enthusiast watching professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, etc.

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Take, for example, the manufacturer who is interested in selling a product on a long-term basis.

Do not pride yourself my friend on your liberality or your broad-mindedness.

We must concern ourselves with obtaining God's approval, and not that of society, on our standards.

Without the "rules of the game" anarchy would reign, and no game would be like another.

Culturally or socially mandated standards, however useful and necessary for various spheres of life, are fickle and transient.Israel's desire was such that they wanted to be like all the other nations of the earth (Judges ).The pressure to conform is as old as human history.Though these various standards do not guarantee quality health care, the public and our governmental agencies use them to weed out quacks, incompetents and charlatans.