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Asperger Syndrome is often associated with inappropriate social interaction, difficulties with nonverbal communication, inability to understand social and emotional issues, and several other behaviors.Some fans have suggested that this description fits Sheldon Cooper very well, and this has been met with mixed reactions about whether it is good representation or a mockery of the condition.has just begun its eleventh season, continuing its run as one of the most successful comedies on the air.The show has been through quite a few ups and downs, and the characters have showed major development over the past ten years.The showrunners, writers, and cast have had their share of troubles keeping the show going.had some issues even getting on the air at the outset, and it was fortunate to survive its first season.Sheldon Cooper's eccentric characterization has been the focal point of several theories.

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The song was written and performed by the Barenaked Ladies.

Additionally, Raj can now talk to women without alcohol.