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19-Jul-2018 14:47

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Go for a textured choppy bob with the length at the nape and angled front pieces.With a quality haircut on thick hair, styling your mane will be a breeze.Adding lowlights or dark roots helps to accentuate the highlighting.Medium bob haircuts vary in length from chin length to neck length.` Glossy hair is the result of a routine centered around the health of your hair.The best way to maintain moisture and shine is to balance the levels of moisture and protein in your hair.The cut works equally well with straight, slightly wavy, and curly hair, as the shape remains evident regardless of texture.

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If you want to make a statement, go for a high-contrast palette.The stark difference between the deep roots and platinum ends of this medium bob haircut gives the style so much life.The fullness of the look further amplifies its sexy allure.To keep your color cool toned, utilize a purple shampoo and conditioner.

Consider getting a quality UV protectant spray to further guard your pretty dye job.Highlights are a fantastic way to bring a shaggy shoulder-length bob from drab to polished and chic.Balayage should only be one to two shades lighter than your base color.Being hidden under the top layer of hair, the undercut is ideal for women who want to thin out their hair or use an easy styling trick to keep their locks in place.