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He attended He has been a very successful comedian, actor, and director in his career and he has accumulated a net worth of 65 million dollars but his salary is unknown.

After Sweet Valley High was canceled in 1997, Daniel continued acting in films and television series including a stint on Dawson's Creek in 1999 and a role in the TBS television movie On Hostile Ground the following year.In 2001, she appeared as David Spade's love interest, Brandy, in Joe Dirt.In 2002, Daniel played one of the lead characters in the short-lived Fox series That '80s Show.But the question is, how well do we really know him?

So you’re a big spoof movie fans and can’t get enough of the Scary Movie franchise, you might want to hang on a little longer as we are about to give you the life of the man behind it all.

She is the twin sister of former actress and photographer Cynthia Daniel.