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The college's halls and departments are spread out through the area. Goldstein High School for the Sciences is located on the campus of Kingsborough Community College.Manhattan Beach is served by the New York City Department of Education.At a certain point in every relationship, dollar pizza date nights just don't cut it anymore.

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After the detoriation of the hotel industry in the area, the site of the former Manhattan Beach hotel was developed into a residential area and into Manhattan Beach Park by the New York City Parks Department.Weekend trips are great, but they can also be a hassle to plan.So to save you the pain of pouring over Fodor's and Expedia, we picked out a romantic rendezvous point in every state in America.We favored smaller towns and quiet lakes/mountains/beaches to make it seem more like a "getaway," and tried to steer clear of experiences that hinged too heavily on one really kick-ass resort.