C validating input char

20-Feb-2018 17:56

I didn't got time yet to #define MAX 10 #define MAX_FORMAT 33 #define INVALID_PLAY 0 #define NORMAL_PLAY 2 void clear_buffer(void) void play_convertion(int *row, int *col, char col_ascii[2]) int play_process(int *play_row, int *play_col) void main(void) is the one that ends the conversion specification.If a '-' is in the scanlist and is not the first character, nor the second where the first character is a '^', nor the last character, the behavior is implementation-defined.

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The range of input that you're trying to capture is extremely small ([optional whitespace][letter/number][optional whitespace][letter/number][optional whitespace], and actually not even that), and has a hard limit on how long any single input can be.

Note that these are not the only ways to validate input, they just tend to be the simplest.