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The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (SSCP) launched by the BJP government in 2002 and carried forward by the UPA government did not go well with Hindu organisations, hence forcing the government to withdraw the project.

Well, looks like the ‘Adam’s bridge’ will soon be recognised for what it really is, and respected the way it has always deserved.

Swamy moved the top court to challenge the project on the basis of religious beliefs -- Ram Sethu is believed to have been built by Lord Rama's army to cross the sea -- and sought a national heritage status for it.

The Ram Sethu project hit the headlines in December when the American Science Channel rekindled the debate about the Ram Setu bridge discussing whether it is man-made or natural.

Years and generations of archaeologists and scientists have analysed the Ram Setu, but there is still no concrete explanation of its being. The ones that have questioned its origin and being have only ended up with numerous theories that have led them to no conclusion.

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Assumptions such as the bridge evolved due to the accretion and rising of the land, or it formed itself as Sri Lanka got separated from India are accepted vaguely as ‘scientific’ explanations.

However, the questions regarding how the stones on the bridge float, why the bridge is now semi-immersed in water, why the sea is shallow along the channel, and why this bridge is one of its kind in the entire world –are all unanswered.