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Please email Hank Nuwer if you have more information). He was being put through the initiation when one of the hazers accidentally fell upon him. Thomas Finley Brown, 12, Is dead from injuries received while being hazed at tho Porter military academy last Monday.[Source: Columbus Daily Enquirer, November 23, 1899]10) 1900Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class Scrap Hugh C. Brown was now at the academy and the older boys, following their former custom, dropped him Into a cemented swimming basin 12 feetdeep.7) 1898 Decatur High School, Illinois High School Physical Hazing According to Wikipedia and the Logansport Pharos-Tribune, freshman David C. A battle royal ensued and Jones died a few days later of a spinal injury.

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Hilliard was and is on Gofundme asking for funds for his education. No determination announced on 2018 another death: Here is what is known.

Berkeley drowned while completing a pledging errand.

The death is described in Hazing by Hank Nuwer (2018).

Moore died following a snapped neck in a traditional fight between first- and second-year students. The basin was dry at the time and tho lad received internal injuriesfrom the fall.

11) 1900United States Military Academy (New York)Illness that revealed hazing abuses Although the death of plebe Oscar Booz was considered illness-caused by a committee of inquiry, those members of the U. House of Representatives on the committee determined that he also had been hazed maliciously by upperclassmen. C Porter Military Academy (South Carolina)Accident during hazing. Before he died he did not give the names of the cadets whohad mistreated him, and It Is said no action will be taken In the matter.Thus, the Leggett and Berkeley deaths were written off as unfortunate accidents.Cornell Kappa Society lost two pledges and were judged blameless.This would be repeated over and over right up to the present day.