Consolidating data in excel workbooks

17-Feb-2018 00:52

The key is to use labels carefully and ensure they are the same in each table (i.e.

if you have a spelling mistake, or slightly different version of the label, it will treat them as separate).

Right click the worksheet name, and click the Move or Copy from context menu. In Move or Copy dialog box, select the master workbook that you want to merge other workbooks into from the drop down list of Move selected sheets to book. The selected worksheets have been moved to the master workbook. Repeat the steps from 2 to 4 to move other workbooks to the master workbook.

And then specify the location of the merged worksheets. Then it combines all worksheets of opened workbooks into a single workbook.

Step 4: Select the method of consolidation (in our example it’s Sum).

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You can deal with this with the following steps: 1. Open Filename:=Path & Filename, Read Only:=True For Each Sheet In Active Workbook. If you are a rookie of Microsoft Excel, you have no choice but only have to copy the data of every sheet and paste them in to a new workbook one by one and applying the Move or Copy command.

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