Dating ancient brass

21-Aug-2018 15:28

This necessitated tough lumber and strong wrought iron hinges. Many other hinged weapons were available to aid in military conflicts.For instance, a trebuchet, a type of siege engine, could propel missiles long distances at high velocities, crushing through stone walls or even depositing diseased corpses in enemy camps.Metal was expensive and labor-intensive to fabricate, so ancient emperors who wished to show how powerful they were exerted their wealth to purchase metal hinges.The common people of the era, usually had houses with no hinged doors, or even no doors at all.

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These ancient devices have been refined, cultivated, and introduced into many aspects of life.

and Hittite panache was so great, the massive palaces, sacred structures, and protective gates they built had heavy doors that operated with load-bearing metal hinges.

In fact, the desk on which the average reader’s computer sits probably has more hinges than one might expect.

Special thanks to our friend Allen Joslyn at Antique for helping us in researching this article.Local blacksmiths could create wrought iron hinges, as well as other wrought iron tools, at an affordable rate.However, the upper-class still constructed large castles and palaces with big doors requiring the load-bearing power of large scale .Candlesticks, Diamond Candlesticks, Kettles, Spirit Kettles, Match Box Vestas For the first thirteen years this website was constructed using the excellent Microsoft 'Front Page' software.