Dating and bipolar

09-Mar-2018 12:41

In that period, I wrote a wildly sexual, experimental, caffeine-pot-and-wine-charged attempt at autobiographically based comedic nonfiction, almost wholly devoid of any structure, weaving in manic political rants and fragments from my senior honors thesis in international relations at Brown.(The thesis was called “Black Masks, White Guilt: Cultural Appropriation, Multicultural Consumerism and the Search for a Meaningful First World Existence.”) My literary idols were Henry Miller, Hunter S. I was certain my name would be joining their names at the table of “bad boys” in literature. Here is one of the twenty-two rejection letters sent to my agent at the time. Fieve’s book, a lightning-bolt of recognition hit me.

In an opportune moment of nepotism, he decided to set me up running a small venture capital fund of my own.(I had long since thrown out the Nintendo and the baseball cards.) By age twenty-seven, I found myself routinely waking up at 2 PM on weekdays, in the room I grew up in, unable to rouse myself for my part-time job editing my father’s writing in his home office, in the room next door to my own. One morning during this period, I simply could not get out of bed.I had virtually nothing to show for my half-decade out of college, save for a string of failed job attempts, romantic relationships that I had mostly ruined myself, now about fifteen hundred pages of rants in six volumes, and chronic under-earning that had landed me in tens of thousands of dollars in credit-card debt. After a twenty-minute struggle, I managed to break free of the chains of my bed, and walked up to the ground floor to cook some eggs for breakfast.I noticed, on my shelf, a book called Moodswing by Dr. It had been sitting there for years, but I had never looked at it.

I started flipping through it as I sank back into bed.“One must be aware of what I call the 'medical student phenomenon,'” he said right away. ” I described my history: One grandiose plan or project after another. (One Medscape article, for example: “bipolar II depression. After I started the lithium, the most heinous, pea-sized green zits began appearing on my forehead.“Beginning medical students start reading the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [the standard handbook of psychiatric illnesses.] They see the list of symptoms for each disorder, and they start thinking, ‘Does that apply to me? I had never seen anything like this before, so I typed in “acne” and “lithium” into Google.Reading it, I learned of a manic-depressive condition called bipolar II.