Dating fostoria glass

27-Oct-2018 11:21

He was/is making several of them in various colors. Known examples and pictures available are shown with the Fostoria pattern numbers below.

For new owners and/or makers of Fostoria and other major glass company open salts, please go to Ed Bowman's web site for the most current information.

The measurements of the lone Fostoria example are not certain.

There are also known English examples with a registration number mark on the inside bottom.

Fostoria also made numerous individual almond or "nut cups" as well as some sponge cups and other novelty items that may be found in open salt collections as individual or table salts.

Because there are also a great number of those items, they are on a separate page that can be accessed HERE.

Because many different companies made individual salts that were closely copied, it is difficult if not impossible to say for sure which of the more common shapes were definitely made by particular companies.

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Here is another open salt pattern that cannot be exclusively attributed to Fostoria.

But the pattern looks like it could be a later design. A tiny sketch makes the salt look rather plain and round.

It says the line was introduced in 1891 but no discontinued date was given.

In the Leibmann book, there is a Celery Salt listed with no line number or pattern name.

The only two other items with it are a Molasses Can and a Shaker with Metal Top.Measurements given in catalogs are also not very clear.For purposes of measurements on these Fostoria pages, please see the abbreviations listed at the bottom, and the method of measuring used.This is why we don't see any glass items that are the same pattern design as the #93 or #95 individual salt. After Fostoria closed it's doors and ceased glass production, several open salt molds were sold to various buyers.