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This is sort of a best-case scenario for rapid burial.A plant or animal that is buried in mud, silt or other protective substances very shortly after death is much more likely to be preserved as a fossil.Or is our fossil record just not showing us a clear picture of the past?Let's learn more about fossil preservation to find out what's really going on.Try it risk-free If I asked you to name five prehistoric animals in the next ten seconds, what would you say?Would you list the Tyrannosaurus rex or the wooly mammoth?

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The secret to success in fossil preservation lies in the right combination of circumstances following the death of an organism.

The first and most important circumstance is called rapid burial.

The cavities were filled with sedimentary material, and, over millions of years, the bone was turned into rock. When an organism dies, its body immediately begins to decompose.

Bacteria and insects get right to work, breaking down the plant or animal's organic materials.

So if you were hoping to see Compsognathus' stomach in fossil form - sorry, it just can't make its way to a fossil that easily.