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20-Oct-2018 12:09

Rod Blagojevich, who liked to spend but adamantly opposed a tax increase to help cover costs.Before he was arrested and kicked out of office, Blagojevich's toxic relationship with legislators essentially paralyzed government, so bills just piled up.Shawnee Development, for instance, is waiting on about 0,000 in back payments, officials say.

"If I'm not screaming on the edge of self-destruction, it's because this has numbed us." Many agencies have borrowed money to keep the doors open, but service providers say that's getting harder to do — banks are more reluctant to lend money on a promise that the state will pay up someday."We have had members whose banks have told them it is the creditworthiness of the state of Illinois that is their primary concern," said Janet Stover, executive director of the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.State leaders have no plan to catch up on the bills anytime soon, not with a billion deficit to tackle.Associations hold rallies and write letters to the editor.

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billion in unpaid bills The state still remains months behind.

Recovery Resources, a substance-abuse treatment center in Quincy, is waiting for 0,000 from the state, which provides about two-thirds of the center's annual budget.