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That’s 30 minutes of your day, dedicated to helping you get results while on the ground in Ukraine.

The quality is certainly there, just as it is the rest of Ukraine, but is Odessa worth a visit despite it being known as a second-home to foreign men from all over the world?

All-in-all, daygame and being on the ground for an extended period in Odessa will head best results as with most places, but Ukraine date is a great way to pipeline and try to hook before arriving on the ground in Odessa.

Odessa has a few good spots for daygame, which would be the following: Regardless, one of the two above spots as mentioned in the logistics sections will keep you close to the action, with City Garden and the surrounding area being the better choice for daygame options.

Highest prices in terms of drinks and cover in Odessa, but you can’t leave without having a look inside this one.

Itaka: is situated right next to Ibiza, and is probably the second most popular club in Odessa.

English levels in Odessa seemingly are even lower, and you really need Russian to help get around here.

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Heavily influenced by French and Italian styles, Odessa has a unique mixture of historical architecture that you won’t find in other parts of Ukraine.

Odessa is known for it’s 19th-century architecture, most of which is easily visitable by foot simply be strolling along through the city.

Compared to the rest of Ukraine, it certainly has quite a different vibe and feel which you won’t find in other Ukrainian cities.

Below are a list of recommended sights to check-out during your time in Odessa: Near Arkadia you’ll find the infamous Ibiza club as well as other clubs and bars for nightgame, which we will cover later, whereas near City Garden you’ll find a few great daygame spots and be closer to the main restaurant and cafe options Odessa has on offer.

As with most coastal cities, expect a hike in prices during the summer months.

You can expect anywhere around the 69-71°F / 21-22°C on average during June and July, which is more than warm enough to enjoy the cooler water of the Black Sea.