Dating old fender amps

10-May-2018 15:25

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The forecasted frontal passage brought winds to 27 kts Saturday and Sunday inside well-protected Lochinver Harbor, with rough enough conditions offshore to send many of the rugged Scottish fisherman running for shelter.We spent much of Sunday in seminar mode, covering practical and theory of diesel engines, provisioning worldwide and finishing up our safety test.In a BF Vibrolux Reverbs you could have either Jensen, CTS or Oxford, the BF Super Reverbs had Jensen, CTS, Oxford or sometimes JBL, the BF Pro Reverb had Jensen, Oxford or Utah, .In the silverface era Eminence, Oxford, Utah and Rola were more often used and Jensen was phased out.Yesterday we set alarms for 0430 and were underway before 0500 for the Summer Isles.

Departure for our next passage was weather dependent.

But last week a second option occurred to me; sailing up Scotland’s NW coast, rounding Cape Wrath then setting a course directly for Fair Isle and on to the Shetlands, thus skipping past Orkney.

Looking at the projected weather from both the GRIB and weaterfax the Cape Wrath route looked marginally better plus it would all be new territory, so that’s what we chose.

465 designating the Oxford EIA code, 2 designating the year 1962, and 17 designating the 17th week of ’62.

Take a look at this ’62 Fender Princeton Amp, and you’ll see that exact speaker, as well as the typical Schumacher transformers (EIA 606) used in Fender amplifiers.

before anchoring off the village of Plockton for the night.