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Interesting to note, while the shotgun is semi-automatic in normal combat, when blind-firing the weapon around a corner, Niko will rack a non-existent pump. It is also seen in Niko's hands to execute the final antagonist in the "Revenge" ending of the game (even if the player was not equipped with one before that cutscene). The "rifle in cover" hand positions seem designed for a gun with a magazine for Niko to rest the base of his left hand against; as can be seen here, this doesn't exactly work with the AK. Niko uses an M4A1 during the mission "Three Leaf Clover". This is a contradiction in the strictest sense, since "carbine" usually refers to a shortened version of a full-sized rifle or musket; "carbine rifle" would mean the weapon is both shortened and full-length. The basic bolt-action sniper rifle featured in the game is the Remington 700, used by the majority of marksmen.

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It becomes available later in the game, and can be obtained from LCPD patrol cars even though the cops themselves use the Pump Shotgun when provoked. It has a smaller magazine capacity (thirty rounds) than the Micro SMG, but despite using the same 9mm cartridge, is more accurate, more damaging, and has a somewhat longer effective range. E teams, prison guards, and select officers guarding public places such as subway stations and the airport, and appears to have the carry handle removed and has only a stick-up rear sight.

It has pinpoint accuracy and holds ten rounds, but is (appropriately) very expensive.

The weapon's scope is modeled after the SVD Dragunovs PSO-1 reticle and features a stadiametric rangefinder, which (as is standard in most games) is for decoration only; the bullets always hit the dead centre of the crosshair regardless of range.

It is the standard issue police sidearm and is used by all law enforcement agents and many other characters throughout the game, and is the first firearm in the game.

Though it's difficult to discern in-game, looking at the weapon's texture close-up reveals the number "22" on the slide, confirming that it is a Glock 22, despite its seventeen-round magazine not including a 2 round extension cap and in-game references to it being a "9mm".The gun also has a wide slide that is typically found on a Glock 21.In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Tony Prince attempts to commit suicide with a Glock after an associate of his is kidnapped, but fails because he "didn't know to take the safety off".This is incorrect for a real Glock, though some airsoft Glocks use the slide lock tabs as a trigger safety; this may have been the source of the error since other guns in the game are based on airsoft weapons.