Dating opposing political views

19-Aug-2018 03:57

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If you are honest with yourself that you cannot accept someone of different political background than it is your choice and respectfully move on.

As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, hypothetically one may wonder if individual political views can incite disagreeable heat in a relationship?

As political disagreements are bound to flare up perhaps without forewarning, experts warn, collect your thoughts and do not lose sight of your partner’s beliefs and feelings.

At no time should your political affiliation become more important than your relationship nor should you try to sway your partner to your side of the political grandstand.

All people want to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated.

if you are kind and respectful you will find out much more about what is really motivating your date.

To avoid rising tensions during the campaign season accentuate the positives of your relationship.

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Avoid criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. These, according to John Gottman, are the 4 horseman of the apocalypse in relationships. Contempt is using swearing, name calling, or eye rolling or other shaming gestures.

However, as things progress (hopefully they will), politics is an area you need to check out in order to determine compatibility. Discussing what is happening in the world politically is different than discussing your personal values. As we share vulnerable details and they are handled with respect, safety, and trust then we build intimacy. This issue isn't so much talking about politics but rather HOW we talk about politics.