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12-Aug-2018 00:48

Understand that most of China is just rising out of poverty.Also because of Mao's "cultural revolution" most people from China stopped learning about culture and cleanliness.So you’ve got your new Alien Employment Permit and are now ready to renew your Shanghai residence permit. Documents You Will Need: alipay bank of china China Internet China Mobile Christmas dachang mian delivery Employment Permit Expo 2010 flower port food GFW IE internet banking iphone jobs in shanghai Lupu Bridge Mac Macbook Air market Markets in Shanghai Moleskine Muslim Market Noodles Residence Permit Shanghai Bund shanghai expat Shanghai Expo Shanghai food shanghai halfpat shanghai jobs Shanghai mosque shanghai sex toy market shanghai street food shanzhai shopping taobao tech travel tulips Uyghurs VPN working in China wujiang lu Xintiandi Many may have the misconception that all foreigners working in Shanghai are livin’ it up in their adopted city because they earn big bucks and live a typical life of an expat — dining at Xintiandi, shopping at Plaza 66, chauffeurs to pick the kids up from international schools, housekeepers to sweep up every crumb you leave and iron out every crease, etc.You’re halfway through the annual employment permit/residence permit marathon, with just one more errand to run. Well, unless you’re the director or other high-level manager that foreign companies send over here to steer the company, chances are this is only your dream/goal.The biggest difference worth being aware of is that 'sex' may equal 'marriage'.So you'll have to be patient…a lot more than you realize.For example - casually holding hands with you might shock her.The thought of having sex before marriage never occurred to her.

There are different types of expats living in Shanghai, and you’d be surprised that not everyone makes that much money…

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