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09-Apr-2018 01:31

I have tried the unsubscribe route many times but you just get led in circles with endless questions to persuade you to carry on. However, upon setting it up (with confirmation by email) and spending time on the profile, the account mysteriously disappeared. I've no idea what's going on with that site but the complete lack of any contact details suggests the site is being allowed to die while the owner (Markus Frind) still makes a mint out the poor ** that still use the site and pay for the 'add-ons'. This site is free but certain perks you have to pay for.

But POF still send me regular emails promising matches when I have given them almost no information. I deleted the account after a while but recently set one up again.

In order to get some money back I told them reduce my membership to two weeks and provide the refund and remove my card from auto-renewal status.

On 9/17/18 9am EST I contacted my bank to file a dispute, they informed me that Plenty of Fish tried to double bill me and they stopped the first one but, the second got through.

I told her I preferred a call, she was adamant only email correspondence would happen.

As for my time on the site, bots send you request and when you email the person to try and speak with them you don't get a reply.

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This is a error code from the server saying that it can't find my account and doesn't know what to do and give me a error syntax. I've had a very busy week so far with preparing for my trip home this weekend. I'm suppose to be leaving for the States on Thursday night but there's this fee that I have to take care of before leaving (For the shipping of the products of which I Purchased).I am able to make a fake account and able to log into that and delete it as well with no issue. I guess I am one of the rejects that many refer to. The problem is that My cards are maxed out and I won't have any access to more money until I return to MD. (My investment funds) I'll have access to my funds once I'm back in town.However my first account will forever be partially deleted with my info on it. POF you are a disgrace - get people's credential, make people show their photo id and charge more and do research. Generally they have either never been married, have no children, or lost their wife. If I wanted to be in an active relationship with a robot I'd visit my local sex store. If you're blocked for no reason they will delete you. Someone hacked my account, used all my info but changed the email and pics. Very strange, sent 8 emails and still no answer, so basically I’m screwed, some ** is using my info with her pics, lost everything, all my contacts, messages, etc! That being said, I would be needing a little Favor from you. You will get it back upon my return this weekend??? "On day one they billed me the full 8 month membership when I only wanted a 30 paid membership. Why got a new account to find said guy able to find and message then deleted again. If you are deleting people we should have a right to know why and if it was a petty person who got hurt they should grow up.