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Mongolian nomads' homes, clothes, weapons and living conditions are impossible to imagine without crafts and embroidery.Unique arts have developed from common things used in the everyday life of nomads over thousands of years.They also had the ability to make embroidery, applique and stitched felt art.As Hun goldsmith technology developed rapidly, they also developed ceramic art; especially creating vases.Another useful tip for a traveler is not to step on the threshold as you enter the ger, for you would be seen as stepping on the neck of the household!

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The two pillars that hold the toono (roof in a shape of a round opening) symbolize the man and the woman of the household, and walking between them is not approved of.According to Shamanism, after death, the spirit goes to the heavens while the body remains under the ground.Today there are number of Shamanistic ethnic groups mostly living in the north western part of the country.A herder can easily tell you what time of the day it is according to how the light comes through roof.

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Due to winds mostly from North and Northwest, the doors of the gers always face South, a useful fact to know when one is travelling in the countryside.

From clan structure, people believed that there was an external force of nature and they understood that they were poor and weak compared to it.