Dating too much time together

03-May-2018 01:29

And that started fairly on, but I guess we just both knew it was right. We both do our own stuff during the day, and get with our own friends to hang out during the week/weekend but I know that when I go to bed at night it will be with him. I was lucky because BF and I wanted to see each other the same amount but it sucks when one person doesnt want to see another as much and vice versa.

We both still have our own places and just alternate every few nights where were going to stay. I don't hang out with him so much because I need to but rather because I want to. Prior to now I was always a "hang out a few times a week" kind of gal and now we see each other every day. If you or he need more time than go slower before spending a lot of time together.

some say no, others say yes, and still others give a somewhat middle-ground response between the two.

In my experience, it's never really harmed things in any of my previous relationships when we started out spending a lot of time together.

In all of my past relationships I saw the person on the weekends and maybe one time during the week.

Now with my current boyfriend we stay together every night.

But we keep doing our own thing as well, meeting our own friends, spending time with family, doing extracurricular stuff etc...

right now he is away on a 2 week vacation and even though I miss him, i am pretty busy, and this time apart made me realize that I am with my bf because I want to, not because I need to, so its really good I think every relationship is different.

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I'm kind of lost now - Should I not contact him at all from now on, or should I still maintain contact with him? After saying we were spending too much time together, he stopped initiating contact. Does my boyfriend spend too much time with his friends or am I crazy?