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02-Aug-2018 12:45

The majority of western parents, well I should correct that, the Mother, which is usually the case, does not interfere with their childrens marriage.

Ang hirap naman sa iba nating kababayan iba ibang lahi na ang pinapatulan me pang accomodation, pang padala sa Pinas, pang luho, pang load! Pag uwi sa pinas parang mga anghel at di makabasag pinggan kilos pero di alam ng pamilya na ang pinakain sa kanila galing sa pawis at paggiling sa ibat ibang lalaki. nahospital daw nanay nya nun sinabi nya n pakakasalan ako. , some of them are good people, some are just looking for good time.

Seeing that you are the good son, I'm sure you will silently accept it, even if it kills you, because it's all about pleasing Momma and what she wants that makes her happy isn't it? Good luck Aisha, i think you have already took your decision and for the moment being you are looking for someone to approve it for you...listen Aisha, you are the one who talked to him, who knows him more than any one here (or maybe not), but sincerly never take a decision in a virtual world, wait for the landing that you reach teh real world then believe me you will find teh answer out..patient and mature.