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Compare the serial number to lists on pocket watch sites, such as The Watch Guy, and Antique Pocket Watch.Lists are also available for specific manufacturers, including Hamilton, Elgin and Waltham.

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Please match up center cap style number and serial numbers to make sure the cap fits your wheel.

Alternatively, the case may feature a hinged front and back.

Hold the magnifying glass above the watch gears and write down the watch's serial number located next to them, while taking care to avoid damaging any of the timepiece's delicate parts.

**Note: if the numbers do not match the cap, it will not fit your wheel! A: 1) Match the picture of the cap on the listing to your own cap.

2) Match the serial number on the back of your old cap to the serial number on the listing of the cap you want to order.Brian Adler has been writing articles on history, politics, religion, art, architecture and antiques since 2002.His writing has been published with Demand Studios, as well as in an online magazine.Early 20th century watches often feature the dynamic geometric shapes of Art Deco or the more sinuous styles of Art Nouveau. Jewels have been used as bearings inside English pocket watches since at least the early 18th century.