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25-Jan-2018 03:19

I've read that whenever an ESXi server is run as a client, it also acts as a server, so I enabled it as an NTP client and simply added no servers to the server list, and then I enabled port 123 incoming/outgoing by adding firewall settings from the ESXi Shell.I'm almost positive that it's not a firewall issue.

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Running "w32tm /monitor /computers:-IP of server-" gives me the time of the server, and running the NTPQuery software gives me a response back on port 123 with the server's time.Click OK three times to save and apply your changes.From the Configuration screen on your ESXi host, you should now see that the NTP Client is running, and it will also show the list of current NTP servers your host is using.If you're not sure which NTP server to use for VMware network time synchronization, the Internet NTP servers in org work well.

You only need to choose one server from this group to add to the NTP servers list. I can now talk about how to configure and importantly validate your NTP settings on an ESXi host. So now that I’ve got that out I feel a whole lot better.Make sure it’s not too different from the actual time, because a host that’s more than 1,000 seconds is considered “insane” and won't synchronize.