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Rob was born Robert Aaron Latsky to Michael and Debi, who are now divorced, and is a graduate of Selwyn House School in Westmount, Quebec. Rob origingally went to college and studied financing before You Tube., he mentioned that he didn't live too far from Mitch.Woofless TV has been partnered with Twitch TV and has a subscription button where viewers can pay five dollars a month to get subscriber only benefits, such as special emotes that can be used throughout the entire site, as well as sub-only access to a Pixelmon server.In an attempt to fund Ryan's newbought computer for the channel, on 3PM EST May 18, 2013, the channel hosted a 24 hour livestream on Twitch TV, playing Minecraft, Call of Duty, Day Z, and other games with other popular You Tubers.Rob streams Minecraft intermittently; Ryan's channel is now separate.The host of the stream will always notify followers of an impending stream before it starts on Twitter.As a "safe" spot in a tag-like game, suggested from mid-15c.

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For instance, Season Five was "Team Hot'n'Spicy V5".He now lives in Toronto, Canada in 100 year old converted Church near to Dovercourt.The home at 40 Westmoreland Avenue, was priced at around 1.5 Million dollars and has ben featured in Blog's Condo of the Week.How to Minecraft is a SMP that Rob, Mitch, Lachlan, Preston, and Vik had created. With these changes, they have recently taken up livestreaming on Twitch TV, streaming Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve, Day Z, and DOTA 2, often posting clips and entire streams onto their main channel.

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They invited many You Tubers, including Ali-A, Jerome ASF, Pete Zah Hutt, The Bajan Canadian, Vikkstar123HD, Preston Playz, Craftbattleduty x RPMx, Choco The Chobobo, etc. They currently had two Twitch TV channels: Woofless TV and Mc Laffy Taffy.He first gained popularity through the weekly Machinima series "Passive Aggression." He has a two-channel combination, mainly hosting Minecraft on his main channel, Mr Woofless and other PC games on his secondary channel, The Woofless.The Mr Woofless channel initially began as a channel that was supposed to hold "spoofs, montages, commentaries, dual commentaries, funny skits - all that good stuff to make you tingle where it counts." The channel mainly consisted of Call of Duty gameplay, and the channel slowly accrued subscribers over a few well as Massive Aggression - when the entire team actively tries to win the game - to supplement Passive Aggression.