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&nbsp; Send us < SPAN>< A href="" target="_blank"> Feedback</A></SPAN> directly from the console.&nbsp; You may also use our feedback channels through the&nbsp;< SPAN>< A href="" target="_blank"> Feedback Hub app</A></SPAN> for product issues, and our&nbsp;< SPAN>< A href=" target="_blank"> User Voice page</A></SPAN> for ideas about new features.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P> Thanks,</P> < P> The System Center Configuration Manager team</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P>< STRONG> Configuration Manager Resources:</STRONG></P> < P>< SPAN>< A href="" target="_blank"> Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager Technical Previews </A></SPAN></P> < P>< SPAN>< A href="https:// target="_blank"> Try the System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch</A></SPAN></P> < P>< SPAN>< A href="" target="_blank"> Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager </A></SPAN></P> < P>< SPAN>< A href=" Mgr CB" target="_blank"> System Center Configuration Manager Forums </A></SPAN></P> < P>< SPAN>< A href="" target="_blank"> System Center Configuration Manager Support</A></SPAN></P>< DIV class="lia-message-subject-wrapper lia-component-subject"> < DIV class="Message Subject">< STRONG> First published on Cloud Blogs on Jul 23, 2018< SPAN>&nbsp;(reposted due to incorrect byline)</SPAN></STRONG></DIV> < DIV class="Message Subject">&nbsp;</DIV> </DIV> < DIV class="lia-message-body-wrapper lia-component-message-view-widget-body"> < DIV id="bodydisplay" class="lia-message-body"> < DIV class="lia-message-body-content"> Hey there!In most cases this leads to an increase in cloud-based Shadow IT across Software as a Service (Saa S) solutions, Infrastructure as a Service (Iaa S), as well as connected 3< SUP>rd</SUP> party applications, and exposes organizations to new threats.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P> In this post we will discuss 3< SUP>rd</SUP> party app permissions as a specific form of Shadow IT and the threat vector that is created when these are authorized against sanctioned IT applications, using protocols such as Open Authentication (OAuth).Furthermore, we will review recent attacks and outline how Microsoft’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) capabilities can help you gain insights into this specific form of Shadow IT and how to safely adopt OAuth apps in your environment - allowing you to balance security and user productivity.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < H2> Understanding OAuth</H2> < P> OAuth is a web-based industry standard protocol that enables users to grant web applications access to their accounts and data without sharing their credentials and was originally created for consumer-focused services such as Facebook or Twitter.This app assessment is part of the overall compliance state sent to Intune for co-managed devices.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P>< STRONG> Improvements to driver maintenance</STRONG> - Driver packages now have additional metadata fields to allow you to tag driver packages with information to assist in general housekeeping and to identify old, and duplicate drivers that can be deleted.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P>< STRONG> Native task sequence support for Windows Autopilot for existing devices</STRONG> - This release introduces a new task sequence template for upgrading existing Windows 7 devices using modern provisioning through Windows Autopilot.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P>< STRONG> Use Configuration Manager compliance policies to help assess co-managed devices –</STRONG> Use the compliance policies you’ve created in Configuration Manager to determine the compliance status of your co-managed devices.When you check compliance on a co-managed device, Configuration Manager sends policy information to Intune.Contrary to common perception, a change in the user’s password or introducing a second factor for authentication afterwards, will have no effect on the app’s access token.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P> Based on data from Microsoft Cloud App Security, we’re seeing a continued increase in the number of authorized 3< SUP>rd</SUP> party apps.While on average organizations, regardless of size, have 81 authorized OAuth apps in their environment, some organizations already have more than 250 apps.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < H2> OAuth apps as a threat vector</H2> < P> While extremely convenient, OAuth introduces a new threat vector to the security of organizations and enables potential back doors into corporate environments when malicious apps are authorized.

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Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P> We would love to hear your thoughts about the latest Technical Preview!Deploying and managing Windows is easier than ever before with new improvements including the support of the latest Windows 10 features, Windows in-place upgrade, more frequent and easier updates, unified end-user portal, and on-premises mobile device management (MDM).Through integration with Microsoft Intune, you can extend your System Center Configuration Manager to manage PCs, Macs, and Unix/Linux servers along with cloud-based mobile devices running Windows, i OS, and Android, all from a single management console.< DIV> The meaning of “devices” has evolved in the modern workplace, with IT expected to support not only corporate PCs and bring-your-own (BYO) devices, but also manage kiosks, shared single-purpose devices, phone-room resources, collaboration devices such as Surface Hub, and even some Io T devices.Read the blog:&nbsp;“< A href="" target="_blank"> Secure File Storage</A>.”&nbsp;< A href="" target="_blank">@msftsecurity Tweet</A></P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" style="width: 557px;"><img src="

v=1.0" width="557" height="582" alt="Deployment Series Blog Image - Pointer Pieces on EMS TC.jpg" title="Deployment Series Blog Image - Pointer Pieces on EMS TC.jpg" /></span></P>< P> While the focus on cloud-based services continues to drive modern IT, the cloud is also making it increasingly easy for users to source new cloud applications without IT oversight in their quest for productivity.

More recently, the enterprise adoption of OAuth is increasing as a result of the continued adoption of cloud-based solutions in corporate environments, as it allows to simplify login processes across the numerous cloud applications in use.</P> < P>&nbsp;</P> < P> Once a user authorizes an app, an access token is created and provides the application with programmatic access to the user’s corporate data.