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‘Day faded; on the table, glowing, the samovar of evening boiled, and warmed the Chinese teapot; flowing beneath it, vapour wreathed and coiled.

Already Olga's hand was gripping the urn of perfumed tea, and tipping into the cups its darkling stream - meanwhile a hallboy handed cream’ Eugene Onegin by Alexandre Pushkin (1823-1831) chapter 3, XXXVII (Translation by Charles H.

In addition to good looks and efficiency, samovars were always valued for their sound.

When the water starts boiling a samovar would announce it with its own unique “song” that would add to the cosiness and intimacy of the occasion.

The finely decorated holders were used both for esthetic and practical purposes preventing the palms from direct contact with hot tea.

Today almost nobody will drink tea from glasses at home and yet it has still survived on trains.

Russians will drink tea on any occasion and with no occasion whatsoever.

For the first time four pounds of tea were brought to Russia in 1638 by the Russian ambassador as a gift from the Mongol Khan for the Russian sovereign of Moscow Michael Fyodorovich. shows a way to build cross-cultural connections over a cup of tea. The tradition of having tea from glasses in glass holders A.

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Expensive glass holders were usually made from silver, the more commonplace glass holders were made primarily from alloys of nickel and silver.

There is a story about how in 1802 Prince Shakhovskoy met J. To Shakhovskoy’s surprise, the next day he got a bill for the food he had ordered, which J. Goethe refused to pay, since he had only invited the Prince for tea.

There is another tradition that foreigners often fail to understand: Russians drink tea from glasses, which they put in special glass holders. The word “incessant” in the first paragraph means A.

It commonly has curved shapes suggesting warmth and kindness.

While water is boiling inside the samovar and smoke is coming off the top of it, its sides reflect the people around the table, adding a surreal feel to the gathering.

It has become an extremely significant part of Russian culture.