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She was used to the "lights going out." In a home filled with chaos because her parents often failed to show up for meals, parent-teacher conferences, sporting events and many other areas of parental responsibility, she was used to being disappointed. He scooted down the couch toward her and reached out his arms and held her while she cried. He would make some blunder, forgetting to follow through on something he had promised he would do.

Let's see." In a flash, her chin began to quiver and tremble. Her mother was bipolar, and her father was an alcoholic. His entire countenance changed, as did his posture toward her. I never knew." From there we began to unravel the mess that Jeremy and Rachel found themselves in.

"It's just like it was," she said, beginning to sob with the words.We couldn’t find what you were looking for","errors.404_text":"But we have stacks of other books, audiobooks and comics for you to choose from.","errors.500_header":"Uh-oh! Looks like there’s an internal error on our server","errors.500_text":"Don’t worry! Access to this page is denied","errors.403_text":"There’s lots of other stuff to do on our site though! In a counseling session with Jeremy and Rachel, one would blame the other, and the other would fire right back. He keeps doing it over and over." The "situation" she was referring to this time was kind of a big one. "I do a thousand things right, and all you focus on is the one thing I forget," he said. I provide for you, I take care of you, and I'm there for the kids, and one thing goes wrong and that's all you see." He had about the same level of anger as she did. It took my interrupting Rachel's anger to get to the vulnerability underneath, but when her heart opened up, the most powerful force in the universe was set forth: love.

This particular match was about "his irresponsibility," as Rachel termed it. Jeremy had forgotten to pay the electric bill, and the lights had literally gone out. They went on, pointing fingers at each other with phrases that usually began with "but you" or "that's because you." Each saw the other as the one who was causing the problems. " "I feel like he is just so irresponsible and doesn't care. When she began to show how vulnerable she was, Jeremy responded with love.

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