Internet ukrainian dating scammers

02-Nov-2018 21:06

The purpose of this article is to help you to avoid of becoming a victim of fraud when using an online dating service with Ukrainian women.

Here are a few tips on how to protect from fraud and financial loss using Internet dating sites.

Internet access and a developed imagination are their main weapons so take heed. Decent marriage agencies, which value their reputation, of course fight against fraud but they cannot eradicate it.

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The answer to the question of purpose is self-evident, to get your money and material gain.

A) Internet dating Agencies (international dating services, dating agencies, etc.) that receive money from you in the form of payment transfers, letters, phone calls and email addresses for sales for non-existent SERVICES.

More specifically, they have a fake database of girls from Ukraine and beautiful studio photographs, detailed questionnaires and a summary of beauties who do not actually exist.

Further more when a lady starts writing letters and receives responses from men, the agency translators check to see if there are requests about money.

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If we see such a request (exception: covering her travel expenses when you are coming to ukraine and she is from another city) - the lady's profile is removed from our database and agency...

Our agency tries to save you from these scammers and gives you the possibility to meet an honest woman who would become your wife.