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The most popular DNA-deciphering approach, autosomal DNA testing, looks at genetic material inherited from both parents and can be used to connect customers to others in a database who share that material.

The results can let you see exactly what stuff you’re made from — as well as offer the opportunity to find previously unknown relatives.

But she talked to her sister, and they agreed she should test again. In a family photo, Alice Collins Plebuch’s father, James “Jim” Collins, poses with his children.

If the information Plebuch was seeing on her computer screen was correct, it posed a fundamental mystery about her very identity. In the second row: Jim Collins, John Collins, Bill Collins, Brian Collins and Ed Collins.

Some testers, looking for a little more information about a grandparent’s origins, or to confirm a family legend about Native American heritage, may not be prepared for results that disrupt their sense of identity.

Often, that means finding out their dad is not actually their dad, or discovering a relative that they never knew existed — perhaps a baby conceived out of wedlock or given up for adoption.

The company no longer provides data on surprise results.However, its customer base has more than doubled since 2014, and now contains more than 2 million people — and as more people get involved with recreational genomics, bloodline surprises are certain to become a more common experience.The 2020s may turn out to be the decade that killed family secrets, for better and for worse.The other half picked up an unexpected combination of European Jewish, Middle Eastern and Eastern European. It was the early days of direct-to-consumer DNA testing, and’s test was new.