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A distinct meaning of alter ego is found in literary analysis used when referring to fictional literature and other narrative forms, describing a key character in a story who is perceived to be intentionally representative of the work's author (or creator), by virtue of oblique similarities, in terms of psychology, behavior, speech, or thoughts, often used to convey the author's own thoughts.The term is also sometimes, but less frequently, used to designate a hypothetical "twin" or "best friend" to a character in a story.Anton Mesmer used hypnosis to separate the alter ego.These experiments showed a behavior pattern that was distinct from the personality of the individual when he was in the waking state compared with when he was under hypnosis.

Some are generated by themselves, some from observers and some from detractors.See also Estrogen Brigade and Testosterone Brigade.Printed with the permission of the Rev SEV Filleul MA Rector; The usual parchment Commonwealth Register 12 inches by 8 dating baptisms from 1653 - Burials and Marriages from 1654.The handwriting by the Parish Clerk is very illegible especially the earlier part where spelling is apparently treated as a phonetic perquisite used by the clerk to prevent anyone but himself from deciphering the entries: Vol 2 12 inches by 8: Vol 3 12 inches by 8 : Vol 4 15 inches by 9 NOTES:- 1.

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Comments by the OPC are in [] original comments by RG Bartelott are in (rounded brackets) 2.Similarly, the term alter ego may be applied to the role or persona taken on by an actor or by other types of performers.The existence of "another self" was first recognized in the 1730s.Thomas Bryer Rector (his signature her mark) witnesses Samuel Keetch and Samuel Bailey (PR) 104.