Javascript for validating numbers in textbox

14-Apr-2018 17:55

This function first determines the ASCII code of the keyboard key and then verifies that its ASCII code is within the range 48 to 57.In this article, we shall learn how to do client side validation of the U. Java Script uses the client machine processing power.Using regular expressions the entered content can be validated with advanced conditions like the string entered shouldn’t contain spaces, special characters, numbers, uppercase or lowercase etc.

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Page validation determines whether the input controls associated with a validation control on the page all pass the validation rules specified by the validation control.Here we create a Reg Exp pattern and use the match to validate it.Figure 1: Above figure is output of validation of empty field In above script, function Empty will check that the HTML input that is being send to the server has something in it.The following is how regular expressions can be used [abc] – find any character in the brackets a, b or c [a-z] – find the range of characters within brackets i.e. Can also be used with numbers [0-9] [^xyz] – find any character other than the ones specified in the brackets i.e.

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x,y and z (word) – find the “word” specified in the round brackets [abc|xyz] – find either the characters a,b,c or x,y,z We’ll start first with validating a textbox that accepts only Nan(is Not-a-Number)- is a bool keyword in Java Script to check either the object contains alphabets or not.If the value is numeric, then it returns false otherwise if the value has any alphabets, then it returns true.Email validation checks the following points Figure 2: Above two figures are example of valid and invalid emails.