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(281 West 12th Street, New York, NY) Henrietta Hudson: Going 20 years strong, this keep-it-simple lesbian club has three small rooms: one with a dance floor, one with a pool table, and one with make-out couches. Henrietta Hudson hosts a different party every night (e.g., Sunday’s Roc da Mic Karaoke and Wednesday’s Tócame Noche Latina) that caters to their diverse clientele.

This is often the go-to club for outta towners, so you can find lots of fresh meat here!

(Various locations) Choice C*nts: I would describe Choice as the intersection of rock-n-roll glam, hip-hop chic, and urban hipster (Bowie Runaways N. (Various locations) Girlz Parties: Without giving you all the gory details about my wild family tree, I will let you know this.

My mom is also a lesbian and more women fawn over her than men fawn over Stifler’s mom!

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They have a large selection of drinks, the food is great, and the theater is small so you’ll be close to bae. Drinks are affordable, the 80s music is BUMPIN and everyone there is letting loose and having fun. Whether a deranged burlesque dancer is dressed as Anna Wintour shitting and wiping her ass with Vogue (it’s fake, relax) or possessed nuns are simulating lesbian sex on stage, you will never not be shocked by the performances here.Bed-Stuy Be Cute – Monthly at One Last Shag Gowanus Select All: A Queer Mixer – Various dates, The Bell House Williamsburg Set it Off – Every Friday at Hope Garage Pat – Monthly at Union Pool Misster! Etched – Every other month at Don Pedro Riot Chica – Every other month at Don Pedro Manhattan Girlnation – Monthly at Stonewall and HK Lounge Homotown – Thursdays at Henrietta Hudson’s Tryst – Thursdays at Hill & Dale Fantasy Friday’s – Every Friday at Rosewood Roving Parties Hot Rabbit – Every Friday at Monster, monthly at Lot 45 Que Bajo?!– Various locations and dates Azucar: A Queer Latin Dance Party – Various dates and locations Nikki Spicenyc Hill – Various dates and locations Posture Magazine – Various dates and events DJ Whitney Day – Various dates and locations W.r.A couple of months ago, I attended an art symposium and one of the speakers, a lesbian writer, was a tried and true Brooklynite who had spent a great deal of time in Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood during the 1980s.