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It does guarantee all citizens various legal rights, including equality before the law, equal opportunity, humane treatment in the workplace, religious freedom, freedom of opinion, peaceful assembly, and association.Such legal rights are all expressly limited by the laws designed to protect public order and religious morality.While Indonesia has allowed private and consensual sexual relations between persons of the same sex since 1993, it has a higher age of consent for same-sex relations than for heterosexual relations (17 for heterosexuals and 18 for homosexuals).The Constitution does not explicitly address sexual orientation or gender identity.Nevertheless, there are some rare examples of understanding and acceptance of the family of LGBT persons.Another raid took place in October 2017, when Indonesian police raided a sauna in Central Jakarta popular with gay men, arresting 51 people.The national Criminal Code does not prohibit private, non-commercial homosexual relations between consenting adults.A national bill to criminalise homosexuality, along with cohabitation, adultery and the practice of witchcraft, failed to be enacted in 2003 and no subsequent bill has been reintroduced.

The northernmost province of Aceh proceeded to enact a sharia-based anti-homosexuality law that punishes anyone caught having gay sex with 100 lashes.While homosexuality itself is legal, the Government has taken certain steps to censor films and other media content that is deemed to be "promoting" homosexuality.In 2016, the Government announced plans to ban several LGBT websites and computer applications.Under article 292 of the Criminal Code, child sexual abuse is a crime, both heterosexual or homosexual conducts.

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The petitioner sought to erase the term "underage" in article 292, in order to persecute all same-sex sexual conducts of all ages, including among consenting adults.

The strongest opposition against the recognition of LGBT rights in Indonesia has come from religious authorities and pressure-groups, especially Islamic organisations.