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10-Jul-2018 08:00

We have 2 hand piece with 6 cm spot size, with low pols count Price: ,750.00 More Details Good day; I have a Low use Alma Harmony XL IPL and Laser System with four hand-pieces from working environment I'm interested in selling.This Alma Harmony XL comes with the following hand-pieces which are designed to offe Price: 000 More Details Alma's IPL Harmony XL in excellent condition with four different hand pieces (650, green, blue, ST). Was purchased directly from Alma with all the Canadian certificates.

It can be used on all skin types for laser hair removal, vascular treatment, photo facials and skin tightening. More Details Everything that is included: 1.5 - 3mm DCD Delivery System 6 - 18mm DCD Delivery System Key Interlock Fiber Pole Power Cord Operator Manual & Treatment Guidelines YAD Operator Safety Eyewear Patient Protective Eyewear 1.5mm 3mm Price: ,000 More Details Perfect condition. Pulse Duration: 0.250-300 ms Three hand pieces: a) Vascular offering @ 1.5mm,3mm b) Skin Tightening @ 6mm,8mm 10mm c) Hair Removal @ 12mm Price: k More Details I can text or email pictures.All Hand Pieces are boxed and in or Price: 35,000 More Details ALMA HARMONY LASER PURCHASED IN 2007 ZIMMER CYRO 5 PURCHASED IN 2007 HAND PIECES: 1.HAIR REMOVAL 650 ..30,000 shots available 8,961 used 2.It was used in our Spa for a period of only 6 months. More Details Biolitec (co brand labeled Angio Dynamics) 980nm Ceralas D-15 15 watt Laser System Soft Tissue Surgery or Endovenus Treatments Also Sold for Veterinary Surgery Endoscopy/Soft Tissue Includes: Biolitec (Angiodynamics) Ceralas Price: ,000 More Details Laser: High power diode laser Wavelength: 810 nm 810 nm 940 nm Pulse duration: Up to 500 ms Fluence: Max. 170 J/cm² @ 4 mm Spot (Vascular Upgrade) Spot size: Standard: 12 mm Optional: 4; 6; 10; Price: Best Offer More Details Bought from Med Surge in 2008 for ,000-00 Manufactured: 04/2007 Condition: Excellent Owned and meticulously handled by only One Doctor S/N: 153x00464 120 V- 12A Model 153x (x=0) Pulse Count: 159125 SW v2.05 HW v1.01 Vs 3.9 081 Price: ,000 or best offer More Details Safe, effective, professional diode laser, same wavelength as lightsheer.

We can provide certification training which has a value of ,000. German made '07 Asclepion Mediostar XT with professional upgrade, cooling in Handpiece.

Hand pieces are included, all with low pulse counts.