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05-Jun-2018 22:58

I’ve come to believe that creating viral loops is akin to building a software project – at best, it still comes down to a great team, a strong understanding of the tools available, and relentless iteration.

There’s no recipe at the heart of it which guarantees a viral process every time, the same way that you can’t guarantee that any software project will result in market success.

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If you’re lazy, there are lots of recipes to follow from the Facebook ecosystem like quizzes, “find your friends,” and gifts.But Musk and Mayor Emanuel also took pains to address the "doubters" in the room.They both put forth the sentiment that revolutionary projects — which is the way that they see the Loop — always prompt naysayers. "It’s easy to be a critic or a cynic," Mayor Emanuel said.Pods made by Tesla will travel between 125 - 150 mph, transporting travelers the approximately 16 miles between Block 37 in downtown Chicago to the airport in about 12 minutes.

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It's not Hyperloop, but it's fast — about four times faster than existing public transportation, at least.That's one thing you can say for Elon Musk: he's definitely not afraid of a challenge.Viral loops have been featured in mainstream media and there’s even a book coming out on it – but the step-by-step design of creating a new loop remains obscure, and for good reason."If you want to have for your city a 21st century economy, you must have a 21st century transportation foundation," Mayor Emanuel said.