Love dating sim for girls 2 flash dating richard armitage biography

27-Apr-2018 05:15

* 4 click to pull up * I must humbly thank you for this... * Unplug the mouse cord * The I won`t tell you (slight decrease in mood but next answer increases it more) * You are right... ### Alyssa, for endings 2 and 3 When Alyssa gets into the office * Actually, Alyssa is my girlfriend... Buy her some ice cream Play pool together For starters, Offer her a drink x2 Kiss her hand Talk with Maria Let`s see how rusty That was incredible- I saw a thread on this at sharks and came to check things and it seems people are having problems so I`ll post what I did in order to get to the sex scenes. Note that there are some variations possible in getting to the endings, and some randomness involved in mood increases.

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I stayed there , in that restaurant ( or coffee house ...i m not sure what it is but it looks very suitable for the moment ) , just looking at her beauty over and over..... It should be a reference picture for any night out. I would buy it and i would put it on the wall home. If i would be a moderator i would replace the current sex scenes with something less dirty..something more soft...romantic .... Very hot game, both girls are stunning and the scenes are very well done. Great music and scenes, I was hoping for more in the endings but, a great game. If you choose wrongly there you don`t get your ending. * Click on salad * Click on salt on the shelf * Talk with Aly * Today was your big day... * Send spicy sms to Alyssa * She`ll be tough one to crack... (Increasing Passion is easy because you can touch her pussy as many times as you like and it doesn`t reduce your stamina, also throwing panties to Motorbiker will increase passion a bit) After blowjob and sex with motorbiker bring passion to max by fucking her yourself For ending 3: * (!!! * Check Maria`s purse or send an sms to Alyssa, depending on which you do date may go differently, but you can get Maria either way. Here is list of great flash internet games for your fun.